Tips For A First-Time Motorbike Passenger

Tips For A First-Time Motorbike Passenger

So you've just book a motorbike tour, however you've never been on a motorbike before but still want to to experience it.

Did you know that just about every motorcyclist's first ride was as a passenger? To get the most out of it and to make your first riding time as pleasant as possible. Here's how.

1/ Wear A Proper Helmet: 

By the law, everyone must wear helmet when they’re riding or sitting in the back of scooters. If not, the ticket would cost $10/person. Laws or no laws, how much is your head worth?

Most helmets in Vietnam is half-helmet (similar to bicycle helmet), at Vietnam By Scooters we prepare for you the 3/4 or open face helmet for the best protection. Carefully check the strap to see whether it 's loose or tight, then tighten it if needed.

2/ Approach The Motorbike & Hop On:

- When the driver is ready, approach the bike from the left.

- Place your left foot on the ground and swing your body over the seat like you're getting on a horse. 

- Then put your feet on the foot-rest, put your hands on the driver's shoulders for balance and sit straight up. 

- CAUTION: Do not step on the foot-rest to hop on the motorbike; otherwise you'll make the whole motorbike falling aside.


3/ Keeping balance: there are 3 positions you can use to keep balance on the scooters - Using your both hands to grab the back seat handle / rack.

- Or hold on the waist of the local guide.
- Or hold on the shoulder of the local guide.
- Tips: between female passenger and female local guide, they can even hug to keep balance. DON’T do it between male passenger and male local guide.

4/ Hop off: in order to Hop off, simply do the same way as Hop on. On arrival, put your left foot to the ground, lift your right food and move it over the saddle to the left side of the scooters (counter clockwise direction). By doing this, you’ll just get off the scooters naturally.

5/ Caution: there are some cautions which you CAN NOT MISS

side of the scooters is the location of the exhaust - which is pretty darn hot after the ride. Unless you want a tattoo, always get on the scooters from the LEFT SIDE.
- Taking photos: it is great to have some photos or even videos as good memories being on the scooters, but you should do it in the right way.
+ If you use phone, hold it as strong as possible just in case someone approach and take it away. Or you can take some quick photos / videos when stopping for traffic light with packed traffic.

+ If you use a compact / small camera, always put camera’s strap around your
+ If you use a DSLR / big camera, keep camera’s strap around your neck.
+ Or you can simply keep your camera, bags, or personal belongings in the scooters’s box during the ride.
Riding on the scooters in Viet Nam is surely in your bucket list. It is a must-not-miss activity when you’re here, especially in Saigon. Following those steps above and you’ll have an awesome ride.

6/ Breathe. Have Fun & Look Sexy :D