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The Culture Of Motorbike Taxi Service In Ho Chi Minh City

Motorbike is without doubt a specialty in Saigon and motorbike taxi service should be well-known as the most popular means of transportation as well as a special cultural experience that you will want to give it a try. Well, as a city local, it would be my pleasure to share with you my eye view so far on this service. 

MONEY IN VIETNAM: currency exchange, bills, ATMs, banks, cards & tips to avoid scams.

Before going to a specific country, being aware of which currency being used should become one of your considerable concerns no matter you have a bank account or not, because you cannot pay for things unless you know which kind of money is commonly accepted. This blog gives you the lowdown on currency in Vietnam, as well as some handy tips of how to get the best exchange rate, to find a bank, an ATM and to distinguish Vietnamese banknotes which help everyone get a safe and worry-free travel in Vietnam. Let’s check it out!

Packing List: What Should and Shouldn't Bring To Vietnam

No matter how many times you travel, it’s always helpful to write down the items you should and shouldn’t take along. The following packing list covers not only must-have items but also what is no need to bring for a hassle-free trip in Vietnam.

Tips For A First-Time Motorbike Passenger

So you've never been on a motorbike before and you want to experience it, but on the back. Did you know that just about every motorcyclist's first ride was as a passenger? To get the most out of it and to make your ride as pleasant as possible. Here's how.