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Being one of the highly regarded scooter tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City, we are proud to offer you our authentic tours with high-values and commitments as below, and we guarantee to keep them as stated.


  • Vietnam By Scooters is a professional scooter tour organizer, certified not only by TripAdvisor but also by our longlist of reputable partners such as Exo Travel, Buffalo Tours, etc.
  • We possess a well-trained, skillful English-speaking team of drivers & guides.
  • OUR TOURS ARE PRIVATE EVEN FOR 1 PERSON which allows you to tailor-made your own experience. All food on tour are pre-arranged but can be changed to fit your special dietary requirements. We can even cater for a group of Seafood Lovers, Vegetarians, and Kosher all at once. Remember to let us know your requirements or your special dietary when booking the tour. We make sure you will have a trip of a lifetime.


  • We commit to provide Motorbike Accident Insurance on all of our tours. We thoroughly perceive that most of the clients usually worry about safety while traveling, especially when doing a scooter tour. Hence, we proudly affirm that Vietnam By Scooters has always prepared and will continue to have Motorbike Accident Insurance ready for all of our clients that we serve to guarantee them a safe & hassle-free trip. Click here for further details of our insurance.
  • We commit to provide you high-quality street food dishes & authentic experience. Since street food has its level of quality and hygiene, we make sure to only serve you the best. 
  • We commit to use 100% automatic transmission motorbikes aka SCOOTERS on all of our tours for your smoothest & most comfortable experience. 

  • When comes to scooters vs motorbikes, scooters are more fuel efficient, cheaper and have better maneuverability. This makes scooters a good choice for urban commuters. All of our drivers use scooters which considered to be friendlier, smoother and easier to control comparing to manual motorbikes. Most of scooters are designed with at least 110 cc engine and up, strong enough to carry heavy load. Their tires are smaller but wider than manual motorbikes, allowing them to maintain good traction even under wet condition.
  • Vietnam By Scooters is proud to be the only company in Saigon committing to use 100% scooters for all of our tours.  

Our tours include food & beverages, coffee and mineral water, rain coat, qualified helmets, seat belt for children, scooters, and English-speaking guides as stated on the section WHAT’S INCLUDED of each tour. Therefore, you only need to bring your essential items such as:

  • Camera: if you wish to film your adventure but you don’t have a camera, let us know so we can lend you a Go Pro for capturing all the memories. All the files will be sent to you via email after finishing the tour.
  • Medicine: If you have any personal health issues, please bring along your essential medicines with you and let our guide aware of your situation for best support.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat for the day tour: The sunlight can harm your skin and cause heat stroke. Make sure you cover your head and drink more water during the day tour.

  • We strongly recommend you to wear sandals or flip-flops due to Saigon’s hot and rainy weather. Shorts with T-shirt is the best option but light pants and long-sleves T-shirt are also a good choice.
  • You should leave your jewelries and hand bags at the hotel to avoid street snatchers.

Yes and No.

Our tours include pick up service, however depending on the location of your hotel/apartment/condo, surcharge will be applied as below:

  • Free pick up and drop off at hotel/apartment/condo located in district 1, 3, 4, 10, and Saigon Port (No.5 Nguyen Tat Thanh St., District 4).
  • A $5 extra/person will be applied for picking up at district 2, 7, 5, 11, 12, Phu Nhuan, Go Vap, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, or any hotel/apartment/condo that exceeds the distance of 4km from the city center.

Our pick-up service is not available at Ho Chi Minh Airport, Phu My Port, bus stations, Can Gio, Hoc Mon, Cu Chi, Binh Duong and other locations that are 10km away from the city center. In this case, please arrange your own transport to our meeting point - the Opera House.

Vietnamese people are actually quite conservative about hugging (& kissing). It is okay to hold on to our drivers ’shoulders, but not their waist, especially female.


Our guides and drivers can speak English. However, if you prefer other language speaking guide rather than English, send us your requirement in advance. We can arrange it with additional fee.

  • French Speaking Tour Guide:  $15 extra / group
  • German Speaking Tour Guide: $15 extra / group
  • Spanish Speaking Tour Guide: $25 extra / group

  • You may have never seen so many scooters riding around as you can in Saigon. The traffic might look crazy to you, but completely normal to us. We get used to the small alleys, the packed rush hours and the chaotic traffic; our average cruising speed is as low as 25km – 35km per hour to ensure you a comfortable experience & to prevent you from all potential causes of accidents.
  • For those who have never been on a scooter before, worry not because our guide always provides you instruction on how to keep balance, stay safe, and comfortable on the back of a scooter before departure. Or you can watch our instruction video here for early preparation.

Our drivers are mostly students and office workers whose majors are in tourism, hospitality or PR, etc. and they are all fluent in English. Moreover, they work as drivers of Vietnam By Scooters because they are eager to make friends, exchange cultures and further improve their English skills. Our drivers are pleased to drive you around the city and show you the authentic Vietnamese culture to express their hospitality to foreign visitors.

The maximum weight we can carry is approximately 120 kilograms. If your weight is more than 120 kilograms, we suggest using taxi for movement between every stop, it could guarantee your safety under any situation. When booking the tour, inform us your weight and height in advance, it allows us to arrange the suitable type of transport for you.

In case an accident happens on the tour, our insurance will cover up to $5,000/case. For more information, please refer to our post MOTORBIKE ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

Unfortunately, you cannot.

  • According to Law, you need to own an international license to ride a motorbike in Vietnam. If not, you must apply for the process to convert your national license into Vietnamese license in order to legally ride in Vietnam (price around $100/person).
  • It might seem like a smooth and easy ride but actually takes years to get used to the chaotic traffic in big cities of Vietnam. We understand you are also a skillful rider in your country, but we are afraid that you might not be ready for the traffic reality in Vietnam. It requires more of local experience, as our drivers have gained through years. Plus, it is much more enjoyable seeing things from a new perspective on the back of a scooter than focusing on riding.

You should book a tour at least 24 hours in advance for normal days and 3 days in advance for these holidays: Jan 1, Feb 14, March 8, April 30, Sep 2, December 24, December 31. You can email or text us to check availability if your booking is less than 24 hours before the tour date. 

Please search your inbox for the email with the subject line VBS BOOKING CONFIRMATION; or check your SPAM/ JUNK folder in case our confirmation email might have been dropped in there.​

If neither your inbox and spam folder didn’t get our confirmation email that means your booking email was failed to be sent. In this case, please leave us a message via +84 903350115 (Mrs. Tracy) on WhatsApp or on iMessage for instant reply.

We accept payment in cash by VND or USD upon pickup from your hotel. You may also use online payment system on our website.

Yes. For your convenience, we will go to your hotel to receive your deposit before the tour date.

Our blackout dates are on Tet Holiday, from 2nd to 9th February, 2019.

  • When it is predicted to rain before the tour: We will contact you an hour before the tour departure and offer you the options below (please note that your deposit will not be refunded):​

        1. You can reschedule your tour date to another.​

        2. You can switch your current tour to another type on our website that fit your schedule.

             3. Stick to the plan and maybe delay the pick-up time until it rains lighter.

  • If it rains lightly on pick-up time: There are always free ponchos available. You put them on and enjoy Saigon from a new aspect. We will switch the order of the visited places to avoid the rain as much as possible. Please note that deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances (except for the case with heavy rain and thunder or road flooding that we will give you a cancellation call). So please consider before making the booking during the rainy season.
  • When it rains during the tour: In case it rains too heavy for us to continue, we shall find a shelter and discuss whether you want to wait until it stops raining and continue or you want to cancel the rest of the tour and head back to your hotel by taxi. Then, we will only charge you for the actual time you have spent on the tour as well as food and other entrance tickets involved.

  • Free of charge for cancellation made 24 hours prior to the tour departure time.
  • Cancellation made between 23 - 12 hours prior to the tour departure time will incur cancellation charge of $20/ person.
  • Cancellation made between 11 – 02 hours prior to the tour departure time will incur 50% charge of total booking.
  • Cancellation noticed less than 02 hours, on departure time or no show will incur 100% charge of total booking.
  • Cancellation due to rainy reason with no alternative option incur charge $20/person. Please refer to question number 26 for clarification.

For your best experience, the maximum number is under 24 people because some of our local stops do not have enough space for a bigger number.

Our tours are still available even for 1 person. You will have long time to explore Saigon in particular, accompanied by our friendly guide, together enjoy the city with new experiences. Who says we cannot have fun?

Yes, but it depends on availability. Send us your requirements along with your purchase in advance, we will make arrangements according to that.

You may. If you want to combine cyclo service in the tour, the extra fee will be $5.00/person/hour. Please send us your request before tour departure.

Of course, we can.

  • Under any circumstances and by any means, please let us know your dietary before the tour so that we can arrange appropriate food for your special requirement.
  • If you wish all vegetarian food, we are delighted to offer you a unique tour Saigon Vegetarian Food Adventure, catering for Vegetarian customers. This tour is created with the love for vegetarianism from our team to clients that share the same lifestyle.
  • Don’t worry if your group includes both vegetarians and meat lovers, our Saigon Nightlife & Food Tastes tour can definitely cater for you all.

Street food is one of the most iconic cultures in Vietnam and definitely a must-do thing when coming here. For your best experience, we have chosen places based on theirs good reputation with great reviews from clients. We put sanitation and food quality on top as well as your health and safety.

Ice, henceforth, is also a big problem. The only ice that we use during our tours looks like small cube. Unlike block ice made of the unhygienic water, small cube ice is made in a more professional process and harmless to your health.

Should you wish to know more about How to avoid getting sick when traveling in Vietnam, please click here.

Our tours contain many activities that are suitable for people at all ages, including kids. We make sure that your kids will enjoy their moment with us. (Picture) If your child is too young to stay on the scooter on his/her own, we suggest that he/she should sit in front of the driver with a seat belt or sit with his/her parents on the back. Because our tours are private, you could advise us which food your child can eat so that we can make preparation. French Fries is a good option, every kid loves it!

• Toddlers from 4 – 5 years old will get 50% discount of adult price if sharing scooter with parents.  

• Children from 6 to 12 years old will get 25% discount of adult price.

• Children from 13 years old upwards will be considered as adults.

At this moment, we are only active in Ho Chi Minh City.

Yes, restrooms are available at most food-tasting stops but not at sight-seeing stops. Our guide will inform you whether it is available or not before leaving each stop.

Our guides and drivers will be happy to help you find the best solution. We can drop you off at the shopping place at the end of the tour; or skip some stops on the tour and make time for your shopping. In case the tour gets extended, a surcharge of $5.00/person/hour will be incurred.

Our food tours are designed for all adventurers who are willing for local street food. That’s why you shall consider before booking in case you have one of the following issues:

  • You are not interested in street food – Our night tours contain a lot of food; not only Saigon specialties but also trendy street dishes from local dining stores. If you are not a big fan of street food, but still want to do the food tour, please remember that this is a private tour, we can cater for you. Send us your requirements here and we commit every dish on the tour is just right for you.
  • You have a weak stomach and digestion system – Though we offer well-qualified dishes, we don’t recommend this tour because the tour duration is from 5.30 p.m to 9.00 p.m. Therefore, it is considered to be not good for your weak stomach and digestion system if you eat a large amount of food at night. Instead of street food tour, you can book Saigon City Tour or Saigon History Corners Tour including lunch with Saigon specialties such as Bánh Xèo – Sizzling Cake, Bún Thịt Nướng - Vermicelli noodles with marinated char-grilled pork, etc.
  • You are vegetarian –  We would like to offer you our Saigon Vegetarian Adventure Tour instead of the original food tour. This tour is created with the love for vegetarianism from our team to clients that share the same lifestyle.

  • You have serious physical issues such as backache, knee-joint pain, heart disease, or pregnant - We welcome & cater for clients of all ages; from a 5-year-old kid to an 80-year-old couple. However, it would be difficult for you to fully enjoy the tour when having health limitation such as those issues mentioned above.
  • You have serious fear of staying on the scooter - Though we drive carefully at a slow speed, we do not recommend scooter tours if you are extremely terrified of scooters and our chaotic traffic. We recommend you taking a taxi or walking instead.

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